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The Lawrence College Ghora Gali – Murree

All children of Adam have one common believe that we have to pass this journey of life but once. Individuals pass away but the good deeds that they have done keep their names alive forever.

The Glorious Lawrence College was established in 1860 after the highly respected British general Sir- Henry Lawrence. It celebrated its 150 Anniversary in June 2010. Sir Henry- Lawrence passed away long ago but Lawrence College will keep his name alive forever. During these 150 years Lawrence College has provided quality education to its students who are known as Gillians. “The Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree is situated at the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas at a height of about 1950 meters (6397 feet) above the sea level, on a pine-covered spur. The estate covers an area of about 150 acres and lies at a distance of about 2 km to the Rawalpindi-Murree Road, some 4 km from Murree and 57 km from Rawalpindi. The climate is excellent. In summers, the temperature seldom reaches 35C. Monsoon rains of July and August are intermittent. During the cold weather, when the estate is usually snow-bound, the college is closed for three months, from December to February.” [1] G.G stands for Ghora Gali but students take it proudly for Great Gallians. The Gallians have their own glorious traditions passed on from one to the other. On the Rawal Pindi Murree road about 6km. before you reach Murree is a small village named Ghora Ghali. This place is recognized by the ruins of the Murree Brewery which was burnt at the time of independence as it was a wine/ Beer producing factory. These ruins can be seen from the main road.

Like an eagles nest Lawrence College is built in the midst of the hills and pine forests. The red roofs of its buildings turn white in winter when the snow falls. Unlike the educational institutes of the plains that are closed for holidays during summer, here the holidays are in winter from 1st week of Dec. to 1st week of March because the weather gets rough and Murree has heavy snowfall sometimes closing the road that leads to Lawrence College .The hills are covered with wonderful pines and the location is unique. The property is just for the college buildings and bungalows for the teachers. The principals’ residence is known as the white house and is a marvelous resident with a lawn the flowers and bushes add to its beauty. All the teachers’ residents are old cottage style homes with lawns and apple, pears and apricot trees.

There is a college hospital with its own doctor and nurses. Students are admitted to it when sick. Senior school has its own dispensary with medicines. The main library is also in the senior school building. The college is divided in to three sections; the junior school is from K.G class to class 4, with its own playing ground and dormitories. This was the first built building and the old Church which is well maintained till today adds to its glory. Just above the main play ground of the senior school is the college mosque this was built in the late sixties to replace the small old mosque.
The prep school is next to the junior school consisting of class 5-6 and 7 and of course its own dormitories, play ground and library. A road leads you down to the senior school. It starts from class8 and is up to the intermediate classes. A few years back it had the Senior Cambridge and High S.C. classes. Some students of FA/ F.sc classes are prefects and their is a Head Boy who is selected on the basis of merit in sports. The Head Boy and Prefects are well respected and they keep an eye on the student’s discipline. Sports are a compulsory part of the students’ life over here. All students must take part in sports. In the senior school there are four houses where the students dwell. The Peak House the Witghwick House, Wright house and Walker House. The names of these houses were named after the past principals now their names have been changed to Iqbal, Jinnah house etc.
The main events of the year are the inter house matches, the Sports Day when all parents of students are invited to witness the March Past, the final competitions of Athletics and are entertained with tea and soft drinks. There is a lot of enthusiasm and every body enjoys this event. The liveliest event of the year is when the matches of Football, hockey, basketball, cricket, Tennis and many other sports are played between the college teams of Atchison College Lahore and The Lawrence College. It has been a common practice that the teams of either of these two colleges have competed each other every year and the teams visit the other college on alternate years. The students of the colleges shout at the top of their voices to encourage their respective teams. The rhythm starts with a slow pace…BUCK UP GG….BUCK UP GG and it gains momentum and speed quickly to Buck up GG Buck up GG and it moves on to SHABA SHERA HAMLA THERA. This can not be expressed in words it’s just worth to witness.
My daddy is an Old Gallian and he says that “I have spent the best years of my life at The Great Lawrence College”. I dedicate this article to my father, The Great old Gallian who has said Good Bye to GG 45 years back.


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