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Road Accidents in Peshawar City

Road Accidents in Peshawar City

Peshawar is a densely populated Metropolitan of the country. It is the centre of trade and commerce of the country. People have poor knowledge about traffic signal and are generally ignored. The main road are well planned and constructed while the feeders and ignored. Most of the roads of different sectors far from the city center are neglected. Their condition is poor.
Roads inside the main city are narrow and hardly cope with the rapidly increasing vehicular population. Paved roads are always busy especially so during rush house. Road in general are used by motor cars, trucks, motor cycles, auto rickshaws, pedal cycle and pedestrians, the influence of law and order on road user is rather lax. Any car damage can not be repaired by garages or insurance companies except by written order from the Traffic Engineering Department after a full investigation of a particular case, hence the accurate recording of accidents by this department. “According to study conducted by Aga khan University in Karachi, government statistics included that only 56% of death are more then 4% of serious injuries and concluded that traffic fatalities are a much more serious problem man is reported toy the official statistics which show a death rate of 11.2 per 100,000 (Geert.2007).”.
Under the estimation of the speed of other cars in overtaking or stopping making reverse without giving signals are next in frequency. Excessive speed is the third in frequency among faults of the driver. Other faults from the driver such as being not well trained or even still in training, faults in overtaking, driving on the wrong side of the road, sudden distraction by scenes in the surroundings, driving under the effects of alcohol, parking in a dangerous place and sleeping while driving are encountered in this order of frequency. Fast driving is but one of many dangerous and harmful driving habits acquired partly though faulty education and training and enhanced by weak enforcement of regulations. In Peshawar, up to now, driving skills are usually gained through friends and relations or through private schools which very often do not have properly trained instructors. Many drivers are not use to keep safe separation between vehicles. It is also known that a high percentage of teenagers drive with out licenses. They are at their physically peak, relatively inexperienced and are relatively poor at hazard recognition. Despite being over involved in accidents, the younger groups are confident of their skill. In addition the younger groups are doing tend to drive differently, adopting faster speeds, shorter headways and accepting narrower gaps when merging with other traffic.
Developing rare events distributions from a scratch these are the distributions that fit road accidents under different situations including road junctions, various road turnings, road condition and weather condition, overtaking, huge traffic and use of mobile etc.
Qualification is inversely associated with the number of accidents and damages. It means that to improve the education of drivers will help to reduce accidents. But however use of mobile, road condition and huge traffic is affecting the number of accidents and death. There is relationship between the number of accidents and location of accidents (in Peshawar city).
To overcome this issue special focus should be given to regular monitoring system regarding license and other reverent information that affect the quality of drivers. Especially the triwheel Rickshaws, local Suzuki and musda system should be thoroughly investigated and take caring of.

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