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Pak US relations

Pak US relations

The era before 2nd world war was too much critical because the world was multi polar. But when the world see the catastrophe and destruction of 2nd world war all the efforts for peace and stability were jeopardize. After the war the world become bipolar as two super powers emerge one was USA and the other was USSR. It means that the world divided into two blocks i.e capitalist and communist block.Unfortunately there start a Cold War between the two supers powers for global dominance. There was a 3rd block Non Alignment Movement but was not very active.

Pakistan joined the US block due to some reasons and signed treaties like SEATO and CENTO with America. So Pakistan becomes an ally of USA. This friendship saw many ups and downs but a time came when Pakistan  need the assistance of America in the war against India in 1965 but unfortunately the US was not willing to help Pakistan due to some hidden reasons.

A time came when Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan in 1979 then USA again seek help from Pakistan.America showered Dollars on Pakistan to fight against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan.Pakistan took the responsibility the started to train the mujaheddin to fight with the Soviet Army.   (continued)

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