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Mahira Khan and Askari Divorce

Pakistan’s top television celebrity star Mahira Khan has become the hot topic for gossip on the national media when the news of her worst relation with her husband has come to the media. It is reported by the source that the relation between the husband and wife is not in the good condition.

Mahira was married to Ali Askari on July 13, 2007 and they have a cute little baby girl and a baby boy with the name “Azlaan” but now they are not willing to carry on their marriage.

A source has told that Mahira has demanded the divorce from her husband but it is not confirmed that Ali Askari has given him divorce or not.

Mahira Khan is the High Profile celebrity of the Pakistan television sector she has became famous after the release of the movie “Bol” it was Shoaib Mansoor’s hit movie and after that she become more prominent after playing a leading role in the a drama serial “Hum Saffar” and that was a los a great hit on the television box office.

Well now she is in the gossips of the media after the news of “The marital life of famous Pakistani actress Mahira Khan could come to an end in the upcoming days as the star actress had demanded divorce from her husband.”

It is reported that the couple was not facing a good relation from a long time but during the last couple of weeks the quarrels between the wedded couple had reached its peak and there is no sign of improvement is looking ahead and even none of the friend and relative has tried to make a patch up between Mahira Khan and Ali Askari.

Mahira along with her children had shifted to her mother’s residence. The star actress was no more interested to continue the marital life.

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