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Agha Waqar’s Water Car Scam Exposed

Agha Waqar Ahmed who fooled millions of Pakistanis and showed that how easily we, as a nation can be hoaxed is finally
exposed. There was a huge coverage for the “water kit” of Agha Waqar in media. Agha Waqar claimed that any type of vehicle including cars, tractors and other automobiles could be run on purely water without any other mixture. Agha Waqar is believed to have received a diploma from a polytechnic in Khairpur and he demonstrated that his car could be run only on water. Millions of people including politicians believed in his claims and there started debates on funding him.

It is impossible to believe that a car can be run only on pure water without any mixture. It would have been much better for him if he had claimed improvement in performance or efficiency of the car by using his water kit with a combination of other fuels. There have been theoretical concepts of such water fueled cars. However, they are never practical. Further details of such water fuelled cars can be found on Wikipedia:

Agha Waqar who is not an engineer was completely unaware of some basic information about his so called water kit. Some of the very basic information that could have prevented him from making such ridiculous claims are:

The amount of energy produced by the explosive reaction of hydrogen with oxygen (to produce water as the product) can in no way be greater than the amount of energy that was needed in the first place to produce that hydrogen from water (by the breaking of the oxygen-hydrogen bonds).

A car battery and a small water kit simply could not produce the huge quantity of hydrogen needed (thousands of times greater) to produce sufficient hydrogen to run a car. Even if we believe that his kit was producing energy, his kit could not run a car even for a single minute.

The claim that the car engine will continue to charge the battery continuously was also nonsensical as the diminished amount of energy available due to inefficiencies in electrolysis and combustion will not be able to keep the car engine running.

Dr. Atta ur Rehman, President of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, (the highest level national body of eminent scientists)  was the only highly reputed scientists who knew instantly that it was a scam. According to him the car was obviously running but the water kit could not be the source of its power. He said that it was immediately apparent to me that there must be a hidden source of fuel going into the engine. The real source of power was a concealed pipeline of some other existing sources of fuels used for automobiles. Dr. Atta ur Rehman was surprised that the national press had blown up this discovery without bothering to having the vehicle first examined independently by technical experts.

After a meeting in the presidency, Dr. Atta ur Rehman was called by an engineering university to thoroughly inspect and examine the car. However, Agha Waqar did not turn up for the fixed appointment and the fraud was exposed.

Such fraudulent claims about water fuelled cars have also been made in the past with the first huge hoax by Stanley Myer in 1996. The Ohio court found him guilty of “gross and egregious fraud”.

In 2002, a company Genesis World Energy collected some $2.5 million from investors on claiming the invention of water fuelled cars. The owner of the company was later sentenced to 5 years in prison by a New Jersey court and fined $400,000. In 2008 a Sri Lankan charlatan Thushara Priyamal Edirising demonstrated similar systems to the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka. Thushara was later arrested for fraud. Further details of such water fuelled cars and related frauds can be found on Wikipedia:

The Agha Waqar’s discovery was discussed 3 times in the cabinet and it is believed that some powerful people were part of this scam with a possible aims of financial fraud.

The above articles is a summary of many opinions and interviews of scientists and researchers like Dr. Sammar Mubarak, Dr. Ata ur Rehman etc.

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